Knuxx Interview With “Fire & Ice” Headliner Holly Holm

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Posted by Mika Frankl

On Friday November 23, 2012 at the newly renamed Wink’s gym (formerly Mean 1 MMA & Fitness) we had the chance to talk with Holly Holm about the December 7, 2012 Fire & Ice event at the Route 66 Casino. Recently Holly’s opponent was changed due to injury from Myriam Lamare to Diana Prazak.

How do you feel with the late change in the event?

I feel good. She (Diana Prazak) had been training to fight on the same card. She had already been putting her time in, so we still have a good sharp opponent after Myriam Lamare stepped out. You know you don’t want to take a fight just because, you want to take someone who’s really ready and she’s going to be very ready and she’s very motivated.

Was there any disappointment when you heard Myrian was injured at first?

No, I just figure I take the opportunities as they come and if this is the challenge in front of me and that all it takes. Thing happen fighters have different reasons why they pull out. I want to be in there with someone who wants to be in there any way. I wasn’t disappointed; I just figured well what’s next.

Diana’s jumping up now the short notice, moving up the two weight classes to take you on. People have been making a big deal about it; do you feel it’s a big deal? She really didn’t, it’s boxing and whatever about the weight?

I don’t think the weight is a huge thing. I’ve fought as low as 135 lbs. in MMA and she’s about 128 lbs., so and even though my last fight was at 147 lbs. it was me going up and I’m not a big 147 or 154 I’ve went up as well. I like I said have fought as low as 135 in MMA so when you look at it that way it’s not that as dramatic as people like to make it and who knows how much weight she dropped to make 128. Here walking around weight might be similar to mine, so you never know.

Do you think it adds something to the match-up now that it’s not exactly for both of your belts but it’s a champion vs. champion match-up now?

Yeah I agree, I think with her like I was saying she reminds me of me when I fought Christy Martin and had my big breakthrough. She turned pro in 2008 so she’s not a seasoned veteran as my previous opponent so sometimes that’s more of a worry when you have a really hungry person trying to a point. So definitely that is something that I’m aware of. I don’t want to underestimate her at all. She’s very tough and strong willed and motivated person. You Know as far as all the other details that doesn’t matter me, I know she’s going to be ready.

One detail I do believe that does hold some weight is that 20 fight extra experience that you have. How will you be able to use that on keying in?

You know hopefully it’s just one of those things that comes down to I’ve seen a lot of different styles in front of me for a fight. So I feel prepared for what she brings. Like I always say that comes down to how I preform. I believe I have the skills to beat her, but that has to be played out on December 7. That’s what it all comes down to.

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