Knuxx Interview with Hector “El Huracan” Munoz

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Posted by Mika Frankl

On Saturday August 18, 2012 we have a chance to grab a word with Team Tapia Boxer Hector “El Huracan” Munoz and talk about his recently signed bout with Danny O’Connor set for September 29, 2012.

Question: The bout was just announced, how excited are you about it?

Answer: “I’m excited. Were just getting ready for this fight. He’s a Southpaw, so were having to train for that. I brought in Joaquin Zamora in here, so it’s gonna be good. We’re gonna have the right training this time, last time I didn’t really do. For my last fight I didn’t do strength training because I took off to Danny Garcia’s gym in Hostra, but I’m going to get that here at Lenny Lovato’s gym now.”

Question: So you’re looking to incorporating that and your also cutting a couple pounds dropping in weight class for this bout, right?

Answer: “Yeah at that top elite level I’m fighting at. Those top 10 guys their pretty solid, there pretty much muscle. I have that Mexican body so it’s like, it’s harder. It’s easier for me to get down. I’ll be more stronger, more physically stronger anyways at 140lbs.”

Question: Have you went out consulted at nutritionist?

Answer: “Yeah I know what I got to do. It’s just a matter of doing it, being disciplined.”

Question: Back a couple weeks ago when you made this decision, because this was a while ago right?

Answer: Head nodded yes.

Question: Was there any kind of one big pig out and then a I’ll start after?

 Answer: “I always do that, even after every fight. Like right now I blew up again I’m pretty big. I blow up right away. It comes off fast you know and I needed a break from, I think I needed that one. This is pretty much my first day, well it’s not my first day it’s been a couple days since I been back to the gym now. I’m gonna get some sparring with Austin(Trout).”

Question: You already alluded to it that Danny is a Southpaw, so bringing in south paws and what other things will you do get ready for that different look?

Answer: “I just need to learn how. We’re working on just moving my head a little cause I keep coming forward and just that guys are going to know where to hit me at, so this time I’m going to start working on my head movement and that should change the whole game in the fight. Because in my last fight I thought mentally I just thought I could run him over, but he was physically, just his size is pretty much bigger and physically, you could just feel the Physical in the weight class. Especially at like the top ten level like those guys that I’m fighting now I’m losing to their much more physically stronger  their just all muscle and like if I fight at the lower weight class I’m gonna be stronger. I know I will be.”

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