Knuxx Interview With New WIBA Intercontinental Champion Brandi “Babi Doll” Montoya

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Knuxx recently took some time to visit Rosales Karate to see how Brandi Montoya was doing coming off her victory over Cristina Fuentes to capture the vacant WIBA Intercontinental Title at “Saturday Night Fights At the Kiva.”

Fresh off winning the title, how does it feel to be called champ?

It feels good, I didn’t have much to work off of and now I do and now hopefully I can continue to keep that momentum.

Cristina Fuentes, you two had a brawl going on in there, how did the fight play out from what you had planned?

We seen her fight before and we studied her a little bit and I kind of knew what I was getting into when we were training for. I knew she liked to brawl and I knew she was a pretty aggressive fighter. I was prepared for that and I was prepared for exactly what happened.

After the hard weight cut- from the roommates to the reporters teasing you with sweets, what was the after party like?

The after party was amazing, It was actually a little overwhelming I must say because which I appreciate everybody was bringing me candy-corn little bags, big bags, I really appreciate the thought and the effort of it, but I did get a little bit sick of candy-corn. I also got a big bag of chocolate and I ended up giving away to my grandma and other than that it was awesome.

What was it like right afterwards, you’re in there with your coach and your dad and then off to the side we see you being bombed by supporters, how exciting how exhilarating was that?

It’s a awesome feeling to know your loved by your team and you have so much of your family supporting you I know a lot of my family doesn’t necessarily like the fact that I’m a fighter, but the fact that they still want pictures with me and there still super proud of me, that’s a great feeling. My team- they’re always supportive no matter what whether I win or whether I lose- they’ve always been there. It’s a great feeling to know your loved no matter what.

I’m assuming you got to take your traditional week off to relax?


Back in the gym now, back working, when are you going to get back in the ring again?

As soon as possible, we’re waiting on a conformation, supposedly we have a World Title that I’m supposed to fight for against Terry Cruz, there’s no contract on that signed so it’s not official, but we’re waiting to hear about that. They call me up a week notice I’ll be ready. I’m always ready.

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