Knuxx Interview With Oscar Fernandez

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Knuxx recently visited the Jack Candelaria community center to talk with Oscar Fernandez who, 2 months into his boxing training, is looking for his first fight.

Hi Oscar, how are you doing today?

Good and yourself?

I’m great.

How excited are you looking for an opponent and thinking about getting your first fight in?

I’m pretty excited. I want to fight already. I’ve been training for two months but I’m pretty good.

Two month’s worth of training, two months you’ve been training here in the gym, before that what got you to come into the gym?

Because I was a big trouble maker so I decided to do something with my life and boxing is a good sport because it gets my stress out and everything and I won’t be in the streets and stuff being a trouble maker.

So for you and how are feeling as a person, how has boxing changed your life?

It’s pretty good because all I do now is train and just go to school and train, I really like it- I love it.

What was it about boxing that drew you towards this is what I want to go learn, this is what I want to go do?

Well it’s because one of my family members, he used to box but I never got to box I used to play basketball but then I met my coach and he gave me a chances to box and I like it.

You said going to school and training that’s what you been doing, how many times a week are you in the gym?

From about 5 to 7 every day I go.

So with the boxing with what you’re doing right now, what are some goals you have for it?

I want to do my best and become a champion. I want to get a belt.

You got a manager/coach out there looking to get you in your first fight, what kind of message do you have send for any perspective opponent?

Whatever, if we have a fight, I’m on for any fight whoever. I don’t care. I’m just ready to fight.

Oscar would like to thank his mom in prison, his little brother and my step parents Oscar and Angelica Rosad, I really love them and send a shout out to my whole family and to my uncle.

To see the interview in its entirety play the video below…

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