Knuxx Interview With “Saturday Night Fights At The Kiva” Competitor Amanda Crespin

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Last week at the press conference for Chavez & Crespin Promotions Presents: Saturday Night Fights at the Kiva inside the Albuquerque’s Convention Center on October 27, 2012. Knuxx was given the opportunity to speak with Amanda Crespin who will be facing Mercedes Mercury for a WIBA Title, one of four title fights on the stacked card. Check out the interview below…

You’re going to be fighting for a title, how exciting is that?

It’s exciting, been having a great training camp, been working super hard for this and just to get a hold of that belt, that night’s going to be a really good feeling.

Your opponent, Mercedes Mercury, what can you tell us about her?

Mercedes has a lot of experience she fought Terry Blair one of the girls Holly has fought. So she has a lot of experience. Her record isn’t too good but you can’t judge a fighter by their record like “Babi Doll” says. I’m just expecting for the worst, I’m ready to fight.

When you look at her and yourself, what do you think will make the difference in the end of the fight?

Probably my age, I’m younger, I’m 21. I have been Fighting since I was eight. My conditioning is right there it’s unbelievable; my punches are nonstop I’m just going to stay busy and work her.

Getting the title opportunity, what’s that sense of accomplishment like?

It’s good knowing that I’m fighting for a title after so long. My goal is to be a world champion at several different weight classes. So with the shot right now hopefully I get the win and will hold that title.

After this fight it sounds like you have some big goals, what’s the plan right after this fight?

I’m ranked number 7 right now. I have six other girls in front of me. I want to fight all of them eventually and just keep working hard and make my way to the top. (Big smile)

If you asked who you want to fight next it’s just going to be the next name until the top?

You can put anyone in front of me it’s nothing new to me. I love fighting. I love what I do, so I just got to keep training hard and pushing myself and that motivation to fight the toughest girls out there.

Amanda Crespin, the Crespin and Chavez promotions the whole joined together how exciting is that being a part of what is building right now?

It’s awesome I love representing my dad and Crespin Promotions, he always has me busy. I had a day off with my hand back in April, so we have been staying busy. Joe Chavez thinks highly of me and I really appreciate him. I’m going to do my best job to put on a good show on Saturday October 27th and represent them both.

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