Knuxx Interview With “Saturday Night Fights At The Kiva” Competitor Arturo Crespin

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Yesterday at the press conference for Chavez & Crespin Promotions Presents: Saturday Night Fights at the Kiva inside the Albuquerque’s Convention Center on October 27, 2012. Knuxx was given the opportunity to speak with Arturo Crespin about his upcoming UBC Intercontinental Title fight against Jose Cruz Garcia. Check out the interview below…

How has the camp been?

Been good working real hard, just trying a few new things, and throwing swimming into my workout, weight lifting as well. That seems to be well helping with my conditioning a lot. I been sparring with a lot of great fighters Fidel and Josh Chavez. Everything is coming together real well. I can’t wait for fight night.

Where did the inspiration come from for those changes?

Seeing the big Chavez- Sergio Martinez fight, I saw that Martinez was throwing in bike riding to his workouts I’ve also done a little bit of that. Just all the fighters in the sport from the great to the green, they all give me inspiration to do what I do.

Can you talk a little bit about how good it’s been keeping busy we saw you at the wool warehouse event not to look ago, Pueblo Colorado and now this event?

It’s awesome coming off of a year’s layoff. I feel good to be back in the ring doing my thing. I’m a different person I’m a lot more humble, I like to do my talking in the ring and that’s what I do on the 27th.

You vs. Jose, how do you stack up the fight, what are your thoughts on it?

I like to take the fight as it comes, well see during the first round what I got to adjust to and do with him to win the fight and beat him.

With that do you do any kind of studying or looking at your opponent before the fight?

Yeah unfortunately there’s not too much footage on Garcia. I had the chance to fight with him on one card when I was eighteen he fought Lucas Guya and he a real good boxer, comes forward a tough guy, I’m prepared for anything, for a war, for slugging, for whatever. It will be exciting.

For the Fans that haven’t seen you fight what should they expect from your performance?

Just come if you want to see some good old fashion boxing. I’m coming to rock the show to do my thing, let what I do out in the ring. Boxing it’s my outlet. All this talking can’t do much with it so I would rather do it in the ring.

We had seen the last fight in Pueblo Colorado, you had a slight set back, it was a no contest due to a cut, and how’s the eye doing?

It’s doing well it’s been about a month and a half now. It’s well it’s healed up. I have been taking a lot of minerals to heal it from the inside out. I been sparing it’s been holding up well. Come fight time it should be just as good. I don’t plan on getting hit.

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