Knuxx Interview With “Saturday Night Fights At The Kiva” Competitor Fidel Maldonado Jr

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Posted by Mika Frankl

After a close controversial decision loss at 134lbs., “The Atrisco Kid” Fidel Maldonado has made the decision to move up to 140lbs. Maldonado’s first test comes in the form of Trenton Titsworth in the main event of the Saturday Night Fights at the Kiva inside the Albuquerque Convention Center on October 27, 2012 as the main event battling for the UBC Intercontinental Title.  After the press conference KNUXX had the opportunity to speak further with “The Atrisco Kid.”

First off how’s training camp been going?

Training camp has been going great. I’m ready for eight rounds of war.

What’s the motivation like coming into this fight off the last fight a close decision in which a lot of people felt you robbed of a KO?

The motivation is if I win my next couple fights I get a rematch with him.

The grin says it all you can’t wait for that. But not trying to get ahead of ourselves what do you think is going to be the difference on Saturday October 27, 2012 between you and Tenton?

He has to lose weight to fight me. Me, I’m moving up to forty, I’m going to be strong at full power, so will see how he takes it.

So now that you’re not in that lower weight class can you talk about a little what you were feeling?

I’d make forty good but those last couple pounds would kill me every time so I want to feel 100% and now I will.

Being at that lower weight class what was it exactly like when you would get in the ring fight night how bad was it?

I would feel could and then drained like my body was weak and gassed already.

We talk to your dad, your coach, before and he said this weight class is where your knockout power is and we should expect big thing from you, is that your expectation too?

Really doesn’t matter to me, I’m ready for eight rounds. Whatever happens I just want to come out with the W.

This is a main event title fight. so what do those two thing mean to you, main event and then title fight?

Main event means you got to do something big for the home town. Title fight I get another belt.

What are some things in your sparring and training regimen that have changed now that you’re not cutting weight, you can pack some more on?

I have been doing weight lifting and some other stuff like that, working on speed and conditioning.

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