Knuxx Interview With “The Next Chapter” Competitor Angelo Leo

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Angelo Leo will be making his pro debut on November 17, 2012 against Jesus Pacheco- also making his pro debut. They will be the first bout on a stacked 7 bout card at the Crowne Plaza as part of the Johnny Tapia Presents The Next Chapter event.

Weigh-ins are tomorrow how are you feeling?

Feeling pretty good you know, well I’m good on weight so everything is going good in the camp

You said you had about 60 amateur bouts and now your pro debut, and butterfly’s?

I’m anxious to get in there. So a little bit of butterflies, but I’m ready.

With this being your pro debut did you changing anything up in training or is it the same as your amateur fights and is business again, now just being a different title on it?

Well yeah, we been training for the pros for a couple months now so I’m ready for it, 4 round fights and 6 round fight, ready for all of it. So let’s get it on.

Jesus Pacheco, what do you know about him?

I know he isn’t no push over. He trains with the Perez’s, I’ll be looking to duke it out on Saturday.

After tomorrows weigh-ins where you going to go eat at?

Let’s see trying to carb up so probably some spaghetti or something good.

For all the people that haven’t seen you fight before what should they expect in that opening bout on Saturday night?

I’m going to come showcase my talent and show the world what I got to offer.

Angelo would like to thank: His whole team, Luis Chavez, My Dad, I want to give a shout out to Tony Valdez for helping me prepare for this fight, Tu La Santa Cruz and that about it.

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