Knuxx Interview With “The Next Chapter” Competitor Bernardo Guereca

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Posted by Mika Frankl

After the fight week press conference for Johnny Tapia Presents The Next Chapter event we Talked with Bernardo Guereca  who will face Joaquin Zamora in one of the 3 main events on the evening.

How are you feeling with the fight just around the comer and the weigh-ins almost here, how excited are you to get it all over with and fight?

I’m pretty excited, I feel good. I haven’t struggled with the weight, I’m at weight. I know this guy is tough and I think I’m a little tough too. I prepared to put on a good show, it’s going to be a dog fight. I’m not going to let him take it easy. If he thinks he’s taking it from me; I’m giving it all I got and  that’s all I got to say I’m going to here, I came  to New Mexico to give him a tough fight, they know me for giving good fights so I’m going to continue to give good fights, hard fights. That’s who I am.

We got the huge fight coming up you guys are in the main event slot has it added anything to you preparation being in that slot?

Yes, it makes you want to train harder when you know you’re going to be the main event and people are looking out for you to give a good show and that’s what I’m going to do. I been training hard, been at weight already for a week and training hard. Been up here in Albuquerque with Bernie Sanchez to get ready for this fight and I’m going to give it all I got man.

You came from El Paso, Texas up here to Albuquerque, New Mexico for this fight, how long have you been up here for?

I been up here for a week and half with Bernie Sanchez, he opened up his gym again Tuff Gym and got it started. I’m ready to have a good fight.

Fight night Saturday night what do you think makes the difference in this fight between you and Joaquin?

The difference will be that I will come at him as hard as I can, see if he can hack it and if he can. He’s a tough fighter. I know it’s going to be a war, so that what I’m expecting is war and the crowd is going to be happy, I’m sure.

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