Knuxx Interview With UFC Lightweight And FIT NHB Member Tim “The Dirty Bird” Means

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Posted by Mika Frankl

During a recent visit to FIT NHB, I had the opportunity to talk with Tim Means a he prepares for UFC on Fox 5 against Able Trujillo on December 8, 2012. Check out the interview below..

For the second time kind of you’re getting ready for Able Trujillo how has the last 2 months extra preparation time been?

The extra time has been great for me. Able Trujillo had a better chance of winning back on September 1st. I got a great team behind me my coaches are awesome. We been preparing really well so I couldn’t be happier with the way things are going right now; my girlfriend Brenda just won a world title Saturday night so things are good. December 8th will get here quickly and I look forward to that fight.

The upcoming fight, I suspect you will be successful, where do you think that puts you in the division, if you do come out victorious?

I’m not really looking towards where it will put me; I got to win that fight violently and send another statement and after that the UFC and Joe Silva who is a great matchmaker, so the UFC will put me in a good fight. After fighting Abel Trujillo but right now I got to worry about him.

Because it’s been nearly 2 times worth of camps getting ready for Abel, how much has it been getting ready for him and how much has it been letting yourself grow because you are ready for him?

Getting ready for him is like everybody else, I need to take him serious like he’s the world champ and I have to go put steel toe boots to him. That’s the only way I can think about fighting, I have to send a statement and that’s what I’m looking forward to on December 8th.

You both come from great teams he has that wrestling background and base, you primarily with the striking base, what do you see making the difference?

My standup. I’m a better wrestler than he is, I don’t have all the college credentials he has, but my MMA wrestling is better than his. He gets a hold of my leg I’m going to pepper him, he stands he I’m going to pepper him and finish him. Look forward to night of fireworks in that fight.

With the September 1st cancellation of UFC 151 a lot of fighters some financial setbacks could you talk about what you went through at that time?

Yeah you know I learned not to spend all my money prior to getting paid again. I counted all my chickens before I had my check in hand. I learned not to do that again and having this extra time to prepare and train through this stressful time had been a blessing in disguise. Lessons learned on spending all my money, I got to pay attention to my own finances and it’s a lesson learned.

We’re about 8 weeks out from your fight, are you still going to do your last week of camp out in Phoenix at Power and Fitness MMA?

Yeah I plan on going out there a couple of times before these eight weeks is done. Those guys give me a lot of cool looks they show me a lot of things and I’m still a student I’m still learning and like I said I have a great group of people behind me supporting me, helping me along the way.

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