Knuxx Interviews Mike Winkeljohn On The Newly Minted Wink’s Gym

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Posted by Mika Frankl

On Friday November 23, 2012 was given the opportunity to speak with Coach Mike Winkeljohn to see what inspired him to open the new gym.

You got the new gym how exciting is this new en devour?

I always said I really didn’t want another gym again but it was just one of those situations where I don’t want to go back to that original concept that we had wish was to get a family fun orientated gym. Teach the fighters beginning skills and as they get better go down to Jackson/Winkeljohn and go forward from there. It’s just about getting the basics done here and having fun and everybody getting excited about it and building it.

So you would call this more like fun mentally kind of more than business?

Well no it business it’s at a different level, once we’re getting guy that are going to go turn pro most of them I want them to come down and work out with the pros. Start moving them that way. It’s as serious as ever down here. I think that with a lot of the personal time that we put into fighters here at that beginning level that they’ll get down to the other gym that much faster. With that being said Chris Luttrell is like one of the best coaches in the world. All the kids and adults that work with Chris at Mean 1, we of course want them to continue that strength but I also them to keep working with Chris and the program that we had going with Mean 1.

It’s a great thing to see you guys focusing on the kids because of the obesity epidemic we have going on in America  and then how good do you guys feel about what you doing to help and getting kids active?

I think it’s important not only with the health issues destiny and also just confidence issues and getting more boys to be boys again and girls to stick up for them-self and feeling good about themselves and to not be bullied out there. That’s a big issue is the bullying I think and we need to do what we can about it.

That’s obviously one of the big things dealing with the bullying and to get everyone into that positive mindset view aspect of the world and its great what you guy are doing here.

With the gym and that focus we all seen you on (UFC )Primetime talking about how you wanted to get in work with the pros and get put go home, how does this fit into that concept or is it an evolution to want to work again ?

You know I’ve had so many gyms over the years, I closed them all because I just wanted to train the pros and go home I was kind of semi-retired. You know what I love working with kids I really want to get back to the kids a little bit, on the few hours I have free when I’m working with the big pros and I’m kind of excited about that part.

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