KNUXX Launches Its First Publication in New Mexico

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KNUXX looks to build a national network of local-focused Fighting and Training papers and chose to launch the first in the MMA Mecca, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

PRLog (Press Release) – Oct 10, 2011 – In a state where fighting is a way of life for many of its citizens, KNUXX hopes to reach the growing audience of fight fans who are lacking a local fighting publication.  KNUXX of New Mexico is the first publication under the national KNUXX brand. “As far as we can tell, this is the first paper of its kind that focuses on the local fighting and training community.  We profile the local fighters, the local events, and the businesses that support them.  We hope to do this in multiple markets so we can have a ‘national presence with a local focus’” said Heath Holmes, the owner of KNUXX.
Shortly after moving to Albuquerque, Holmes saw a market that had yet to be reached. “After being here we realized that New Mexico is a great place for nichepapers, specifically a combat sports paper that tells the back-stories of the people who get in the ring, put on the fights and train the fighters. The Southwest has a fighting history that goes back before boxing was even a sport,” said Holmes who is also the owner of Defined Publishing.   Not only is the New Mexico fight scene growing quickly but combat sports in general are exploding.  MMA is currently the world’s fastest growing sport.
While mixed-martial arts have seen an incredible boost in popularity in New Mexico, KNUXX is planning to cover other fighting sports as well -MMA, Boxing, wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, other martial arts and the fitness & bodybuilding scene.
Holmes feels confident that there will be more than enough to cover in a specific publication. “There’s at least one fighting event going on in this state every weekend,” he said.
KNUXX is collaborating with fighting professionals around the state, and will provide advertising opportunities for the expanding fight scene. “We are working with most of the fight promoters, many of the gyms and tons of the businesses that support the sport,” Holmes said, “The goal is to be the conduit, the voice and the medium for the fighting and training community.”
If you are interested in reaching the New Mexico combat sports aficionados please contact Defined Publishing.  You can see a digital copy of the most recent KNUXX of New Mexico issue online at  You can look through event announcements, see distribution locations and see the advertising rates online as well.
For more information on starting a KNUXX paper in your area please visit or call 888-908-2487.
KNUXX of New Mexico, the flagship publication for KNUXX, is published by Defined Publishing.  Defined Publishing connects sellers with qualified and targeted buyers through various nichepapers (a nichepaper is a publication that covers a very narrow topic that has a passionate following).  Through these nichepapers, Defined Publishing can provide an active and captive audience to its advertisers.


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