KNUXX Launches New Site to Help Fighters, Promoters and Sponsors

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KNUXX Launches New Site to Help Fighters, Promoters & Sponsors

Looking for a fight? Need a fighter? Want sponsorship opportunities? KNUXX looks to solve this with FightMatch

November  04, 2012 – Today, KNUXX officially released it’s much anticipated website, KNUXX FightMatch, to its ever growing combat sports community.  In keeping with the focus of KNUXX, FightMatch is a FREE website with the mission of helping fighters and businesses grow.  FightMatch brings together fighters, promoters and sponsors in order to help make fights happen faster and more efficiently.  FightMatch is similar to a job board where fighters create profiles and promoters & sponsors can create listings and the two can find each other.

Fighters – Looking for a Fight? 

FightMatch is a “virtual matchmaker” that allows fighters to create FREE searchable profiles so promoters and sponsors can find them.  To help get the profiles noticed, they can be shared on all the social media channels within the fighter’s network and are also shared within the KNUXX network.

FightMatch is for all athletes, whether they’re an MMA Fighter, Boxer, Kickboxer, Grappler, BJJ Practitioner, or Traditional Martial Artist.  Whether they are a professional, an amateur or someone who is just training and toying the idea of testing their skills then FightMatch looks to provide access to local, national and international promotions & businesses.

In addition to creating a profile, fighters are able to search the “Fight Opportunities” that are posted on the site from promoters who are searching for fighters to complete their card.  If the fighter meets what they’re looking for, they can “Apply” for their position so they can be contacted and setup a fight.  Sponsors who are looking for alternative advertising can also search and find just the fighter who will promote their brand.

Promoters/Sponsors – Need a Fighter? 

Are you a promoter who needs a fighter on an upcoming card?  Did you have a “Last Minute” cancellation and now you’re scrambling to find a fighter who’s ready?  Are you sick of seeing the same local fighters fight for the 4th time?  Or are you a business owner who has a product/service that would appeal to the fans of combat sports?  Then FightMatch is going to be a great addition to your toolkit.

FightMatch is a “virtual matchmaker” that allows you to create FREE searchable “fight opportunity” listings so fighters, matchmakers & trainers can find you.  Your listing can be shared on all the social media channels and you can create as many listings as you need.  Do you need a 125 lb female boxer AND a 205 lb male kickboxer on your next card?  Then you can create as many listings as you need and fighters can apply to your listing & contact you.

KNUXX looks to capitalize on its growing network of local-focused communities and help continue to bring attention to the growing sport.

To visit the site, request more information, search fighter profiles, or search listings please refer to the information below:

About the company:

KNUXX is a network of local-focused fight publications (print & digital) that provide news, information & interviews from your local fighting & fitness community.  We let you know what’s going on in your area in Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing, Grappling, Wrestling, Training, Fitness,BodyBuildingand other Combat Sports.

Each month we provide information on upcoming events; cover event results; profile competitors, gyms, trainers & promoters; and write entertaining opinion articles.  Each month has a theme and we try and pepper the site with articles related to the theme.  Look for copies of the print publication in gyms, dojos, restaurants, tattoo shops, and other places where fighting & fitness fans hang out – when available.