KNUXX of NM: Chasing Dollars – Letter from the Publisher

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I was speaking to my wife recently about this issue. I told her that I was struggling to come up with something to write that wasn’t just a rehash of prior articles. She asked me if this article was going to be about fighting or business again. I told her that it was going to be about fighting, as are all of my articles. She laughed and said “all your articles have been about business!” I thought about it for a minute and had to admit that most of them were about business – “but that’s because I’m in the business of fighting” I said. She didn’t think that was very funny.
We’re coming up on our one year anniversary at KNUXX and because of this I have been thinking a lot about the reasons why we launched a year ago and the fight we’ve had to make it to the first full year (pun intended). A long-standing business axiom for success is that you have to “know what you’re doing and why”. Readers of KNUXX should know that I started KNUXX soon after meeting Damacio Page for the first time. He had a very interesting story and I thought there should be a local outlet for the fight community to share stories. But that wasn’t the only reason why we started.
I started KNUXX because I like combat sports and I’ve always felt that you should work in something you’re passionate about. Therein lays the conundrum – I like combat sports but I love business. If I have an opportunity to watch TV (which I don’t do very often) I usually watch something about business. I read business magazines and business books voraciously. I like to study businesses, talk to business owners, and learn about successful ideas turned into great businesses. That’s the interesting part to me – the business of combat sports. How do fighters, gyms, promoters, and organizations make their money? Where does the money go and can I make some in the process?
With this issue we start another series where we explore some of the answers to the money questions in combat sports. In coming issues we will explore what happens to the money on the local level, how it’s made and where it’s travelling. We’ll be chasing dollars both figuratively and literally. We’re calling this series “Blood Money”.
In this issue we take a look at how combat sports (boxing, MMA, kickboxing, etc.) have always done well in good and bad economies and how MMA is fighting the bad economy right now. I’ve always felt that you should pursue your passion and seek to be the best in your field – that’s the only way you can finally stop chasing dollars and actually catch them.
I hope you enjoy this issue.