Knuxx Post Bellator 91 Interview with Andes Quintana By Caged Minds

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Posted by Mika Frankl

After his third round TKO win over Russell Wilson at Bellator 91 we talk with Andres “Bullet” Quintana.

MF: Taking the fight on short notice and winning with a third round TKO, how you feeling about the win; considering the circumstances?

AQ:  I feel great. I’m no stranger to taking fights on short notice. Actually my last fight I took on short notice, I took it on a week and a half and won by first round TKO. This was a very tough fight for me. I had fun out there, my opponent was very tough.

MF: During the fight there was a very deep inverted triangle attempt did you think he was going to tap?

AQ: I thought I had a few things locked in the inverted triangle, the knee bar, the heel hook, and the arm bar; he was tough.

Watch the interview in its whole by playing the video below…

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