Knuxx Post Fight Interview With Ed West BY Caged Minds

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Posted by Mika Frankl

After his highlight reel head kick knockout of Joshua Montoya I talk with Ed “Wild” West, who with that win has earned his way into the next Bellator Bantamweight tournament.

MF: How you feeling coming off of the win ED?

EW: What can I say I feel really good, I didn’t expect the fight to go that way. I mean I knew I could knock him out but I was kind of more looking to stalk him down, put him on the cage, take him down and pound him out. But, I wound up with the head kick. I’ll take what I get and what can I say, it’s better than what I could have hoped for. I’m really happy with my performance.

MF: We know that you’re known for being one of the most flexible guys in MMA and you have that great led dexterity. Did you expect for your kicking arsenal to be as effective as it was?

EW: At 135 lbs. I’m the best kicker there is and I really believe that. Just because I don’t have other head kick knockouts on my record, my kicks are my best weapons. I throw more kicks than I throw punches in fights. I tried to throw a good amount of punches in this fight too because he would be expecting the kick, everyone knows I’m a kicker. I have the most versatile array of kicks and the most dangerous kicks at 135 lbs. Nobody is as good as Ed West with kicks. They have been my main weapon and they’re what I hurt people with. I hit people with kicks all the time in the gym and I stop them. I’m not surprised it happened, I’m very confident in my striking ability.

There’s still more to the interview and hear it by playing the video below…

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