Knuxx Post Fire & Ice Interview With Siju Shabazz

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Posted by Mika Frankl

I talk with Siju Shabazz after his pro debut a second round TKO win over Ricky Villafuerte at the Fire & Ice Event that took place on December 7, 2012 at the Legends Theater inside the Route 66 Casino.

If this was a dream could it have played out any better?

No better, no better I got to go out there have a tough opponent, who made me work hard and I got to show I can box a little bit, show I can bang a little bit, and show I can take a punch, so it did work out like a dream.

From your perspective of being in the ring, was the performance perfect or were there areas where you feel you could have done better?

There’s a lot I can work on, I mean this is just the beginning. I can work on keeping my hands up better, work on controlling my breathing, and a lot of other things I can work I that I can get better at from here.

Having that highly acclaimed amateur record, were there any butterflies coming into your pro debut because of the expectations?

No not at all.

What sense of accomplishment do you feel coming into the fight with high expectation and ending the fight in the way you did?

It feels good, I mean God is great. He’s blessed me so much and he favors me so much and I just give the glory to God and I don’t want to take none of it, I want to give it all to god.

Right now it’s December 7th, we’re getting close to closing the book on 2012, what does 2013 hold in your future?

Hopefully great things, I hope to get in at least 10 fight next year and get up there and get noticed for real.

Then where’s the after party?

I’m not sure I think maybe here at the Route 66 I don’t know I seen something on Fcaebook about Envy, Envy Night Club do something in there. I’m not sure I not a big party-er.

Any last thing to say to your fans?

I’m here and I want to give all my glory to God, I’m here to do God’s work. We’re all God’s work and we’re here to love and I love all you and thank you for your support.

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