Knuxx Pre-Fight Interview With Hunter Tucker

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Posted by Mika Frankl

At the Jacksons MMA series IX weigh-ins we had a chance to talk with Hunter Tucker about his upcoming co-main event bout vs. “Nasty” Nate Patterson.

How are you feeling, Hunter?

“Feeling great man, glad that I made weight now I can drink and eat and ready to go, man.”

Where the next stop after here, where are you going?

“Olive Garden, were going to the OG, and do a little carb loading, not going to drink too crazy, but that’s going to be the first stop. I like how it’s two O’clock weigh-ins, so now we got plenty of time to refuel and rehydrate, it’s a good deal.”

What’s the next twenty-four hours going to be like for you from the weight gain to the relaxing, what’s that like?

“Yeah you said it man, a lot of chilling, relaxing, eating, drinking and just preparing for battle.”

What’s the mental aspect like, how much are you going to be focusing?

“I’m one of those guys, I’m not too much about the fight right now I’m focused on refueling and I’ll worry about that tomorrow.”

Can you give any thoughts on what to expect from this fight?

“A good fight, this kid is tough. He likes to bring it; I’m really looking forward to it and wouldn’t want it any other way. I think it’s going to be some fireworks and definitely a good one for the fans.”

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