Knuxx Pre Fight Interview With Jackson’s MMA Series 10 Competitor Eric Dodson

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Prior to the weigh-ins for the Jackson’s MMA series 10 event we spoke with Eric Dodson about his upcoming battle with Scott Ingram.

Your second fight out Eric, same venue, same promotion does that bring comfort to you?

Yeah it’s comfortable knowing everything, kind of going through the same hoops and everything like that, so yeah it does bring some comfort. It’s here in my home town and everbody I know is coming so it’s good.

We talked to you after it the first fight it was a great experience and then like I said same venue, being here at home do you feel like you have momentum building?

I don’t know it’s kind of the same; it’s all kind of surreal. I guess fighting in front of a bunch of people will always be surreal. But yeah same venue, same people, same feeling I guess.

We were talking about Scott a minute ago and you said out that of his 6 fights you were only able to find tape on 1, so how are you able to prepare for someone that you don’t know what he fights like and the very same for him possibly?

Well we don’t know too much about him, so it’s hard to prepare for what he may or may not do. So what we’re working on is what I’m good at and we’ll capitalize on my strengths. Hopefully he’ll mess up and we’ll be able to capitalize on that.

It’s your second amateur fight, we knew in your first fight coming out your strength was going to be your wrestling and that changed really quickly into the fight when you guys got into a brawl that was memorable; you even got chin checked and got tested. How was that getting test getting your first knockout now that you can look back?

It was really good; I mean everybody likes to see the fight, the wars, the brawls thing like that. People just like to see people getting punched so I’m glad we could put on a show for them. I think it was good. I didn’t realize that I got hit so hard until I saw the actual tape of it.

So you got passed that, one checked off now. Going into the second fight is there butterflies or just that surreal feeling, is there a different feeling in compared to last time?

There are no real butterflies I genuinely like to fight so every fight is pretty happy days for me. It’s kind of like when you give a little kid a balloon; he’s just super excited for everything.

Ok so with your little kid smile right there could you make a prediction for us of what going to happen at the fight tomorrow night?

Hopefully I can knock him out in the first round again and just make that a consistency.

Well just from knocking guys out in the first round, have you thought about anything else you like to get done get some more cage time maybe or something?

More cage time would be nice; it would give me the full effect I guess because a short fight doesn’t test you as far as endurance and as far as everything you have been working for. So hopefully a longer fight gives a better show, but everybody likes to see a knockout.

To the fans keep watching.

Eric would like to thank everyone at Jackson’s, everybody that’s helped me out  Nick Urso, Hunter Tucker, my brother John Dodson, everybody at Jackson’s that help get me prepared for this fight.


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