Knuxx Pre Fight Interview With Jackson’s MMA Series 10 Competitor Jon Sparks

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Prior to the weigh-ins at the Albuquerque Hotel for the Jackson’s MMA Series 10 we spoke with Jon Sparks about his upcoming match with Allen Washington.

We’re at the weigh-ins how you feeling?

I’m feeling pretty good.

How hungry are you?

I’m actually super thirsty; I don’t even care about food.

How hungry are you to get back to fighting after at the weigh-ins last time your opponent no showing?

If you just saw me a few minutes ago, I was jumping up and down when I saw him walk through the door saying hey it’s a fight now. I don’t care if this guy weighs in at 180 let’s do it.

The excitement the anticipation, has it been eating at you to get back in the cage?

Well we’re going to see that tomorrow and that’s where it will be settled in the cage.

If the fight just works out perfectly for you, how does it end?

Honestly I don’t know. I’m going to stand with him, if we wants to stand we’ll do that and I’ll TKO him, maybe I’ll KO him, maybe it will go to the decision, and if we go to the ground I will submit him.

What do you know about Allen coming into this fight?

He’s got a couple videos on YouTube; good boxer, decent wrestler from what I’ve seen. We roughly got the same record so we both have enough fights in.

We had talked last time and you had said coming from the kick boxing world everyone just wants to take you down, do you think you might finally have a chance to stand and strike with someone?

Absolutely, but I been working on my wrestling a lot so you might see a couple Jon Sparks take downs.

Do you have a message for Allen?

Thanks for showing up.

Jon would like to thank everyone at Jackson’s and all my coaches.

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