Knuxx Pre-Fight Interview With King Of The Cage “Battlegrounds” Main Eventer Branda Gonzales

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Knuxx recently made a visit to Fit NHB, while there I was given the opportunity to interview King of the Cage Women’s Jr. Flyweight Champion Brenda “Boom Boom” Gonzales as she prepares for her first title defense against Elsie Zwicker at King of the Cage: Battlegrounds on December 1, 2012 at the UTE Mountain Casino Hotel and Resort in Towaoc, Colorado.

How does it feel to be in your first main event?

I’m excited; I’m going to her home town. It’s going to be fun; I’m expecting a lot of boos. It should be motivating to me. I’m excited.

Today is the day after Thanksgiving.

Yes it is!

We know the job is hard, so from fighters perceptive how hard was that, having to deal with everyone eating and you just getting to nibble stay with the diet?

It was a little rough, I’m an eater I love everything. I got to eat a good portion, but I had to kind of limit myself on the pies and no mash potatoes. I only gained a pound from yesterday morning so not too bad. It was fun.

So let’s talk about the real big deal you can’t wait for Christmas now?

Right can’t wait to grub on Christmas.

Really now, first title defense and first main event, you won the title in a co-main event bout is this experience overwhelming, hove you felt that it’s just a natural progression of a champion, what are you thinking?

I wouldn’t say it’s too over whelming, I’m excited. You know we work hard six days a week so it’s rewarding. Timmy fights a week after me that can be a little, while a lot of pressure because were both going here and there but all an all we’re ready to fight.

With both of you fighting at one time is there any kind of competition to outdo the other?

No no competition we fuel each other’s fire, we’re both cutting weight, we’re both on our runs together, hitting the sauna together, and training hard together. It works out good for us.

Want to share some thoughts on Elsie?

I’m excited for this fight, we were supposed to fight last October at 125 lbs. and she got injured the Tuesday before. I had her in my mind the whole training camp for that fight so I had to back off peddle then, but I’m excited for this fight she’s a  tough fighter, she’s a brawler. I’ve had her in my mind for a year. It will be a fun fight.

There is much much more we talk about on the video below its must watch. Just hit play.

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