Knuxx Pre-Fight Interview With Nate Patterson

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Posted by Mika Frankl

At the Jackson’s MMA series IX weigh-ins we had a chance to talk with Nate Patterson about to his co-main event bout with Hunter Tucker.

How are you feeling after the weigh-in?

“I feel good got some water, got some Gatorade, going to get some Pedialite and going to get some food I’m good.”

We got fighters running on the scale with forks and knifes so hungry, how are you doing on it right now?

“I’m good , I’m controlling you know .I had a real easy cut, I wasn’t too heavy, so I’m doing good.”

What does that do having an easy cut, in terms of keeping you focused on the training?

“To me we’re always training, always getting ready to fight, always looking for a fight, whenever I’m cutting that’s the biggest part of the fight and now that I can relax its like okay lets go have fun tomorrow. Now it’s the fight this is what I’m always training for, to fight it’s just sometimes that cut is really hard, cutting down weight, getting here. Now it’s the easy part after this the fight.”

Is it appropriate to say that was the hard stuff and this is easy with the fight being the fun part, so you feel like you don’t get paid to fight, you get paid to train?

“Yeah, the harder you train the better the fight is, you know what I mean and the more ready you are for your fights. I like to train; I like to be ready for my fights.”

Speaking of this fight with Hunter it had been put together and fallen apart several times, how excited are you to finally get to do it now?

“I had already signed the contracts once before and I got hurt, had to back out. Now I’m really happy to be given the chance to fight, because they say it’s going to be a war, so I’m hoping for it.”

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