Knuxx Pre-Fight Interview With “The Next Chapter” Competitor Adrian Lopez

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Posted by Mika Frankl

During a recent visit to Team Tapia Boxing Acadamy we were able to sit down with Adrian Lopez as he prepares to face Manuel Otero on the November 17, 2012 at Johnny Tapia Presents: The Next Chapter at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Thank you Adrian for your time, how are you doing?

Doing well man thank you for having me.

You’re coming off a win in September and then sounds like you basically signed a contract right away to get back in the ring, is that how it worked out?

That’s exactly how it worked out, they had me a fight right away, well as soon as they found out they would be having fights- Chris (Chavez), Eva, and Teresa (Tapia). I asked them to put me it right away, make sure I start getting fights , I’m not getting any younger, I’m 28 years old. I am trying to get as many fights as I can a year.

You have 106 amateur fights your first pro fight left a bad taste in your mouth. You took a break. What inspired you to get back in the ring and push on?

Well actually it was my wife the one that got me started was that motivation and me wife pushing me. Now we have a daughter, she’s 10 month old, so I’m trying to provide for them better than I ever had. I’ve never really had anything so I’m trying to provide for them more than I had like I said so hopefully something works out. I want to keep trying. Teresa Tapia said she’s going to have like 5 fights a year so hopefully it will happen, hopefully we have a good turn out and I’m sure we will at the Crowne Plaza on the 17th, It’s only a week away so I’m excited, man.

You’re coming off a win over Rocky Ramirez, how much momentum do you have coming into this next bout?

Well I feel good. I got a little tired in the Rocky Ramirez fight. He was really tough and kept coming forward and I wasn’t expecting that but I train my ass off pretty much for this one so I’ve been running like crazy; I even have callouses on my feet from running so much for this fight. It’s at 180 lbs. It’s going to be exciting. I guarantee he’s getting dropped because I been training really hard and I’m hitting like a mule. I’m ready.

Besides the promise of a Knockout you just made, what other messages do you have for Manuel?

He’s tough, I’m not going to say he’s not tough, but he’s really tough and I’m sure he’s going to come to fight and he’s going to put on a good show but I think I’m going to get the best of him and hopefully lets just say we’re going to put on a good show. No matter what happens the best man will win.

What will make the difference November 17, 2012 in the ring?

The difference will be that I can box. If I get in trouble banging it out I can box, that will be the difference because he doesn’t really know how, he doesn’t have the amateur experience that I have and that will be the difference right there. I’m not going to back down, if he comes to throw down I’ll throw down I don’t care. I think that Mexican part of me takes over when I get hit and I want to hit back especially when I see my own blood, oh man I go crazy I just want to kill somebody. But it’s a sport and hopefully we both come out of there safe no matter what. It’s what boxing is about respect. And
at the end of the night I hope we both come out of there safe and we shake hands afterwards.

Adrian Would like to thank: I really want to thank Dueces Barber Shop, Jerome and James they’re awesome and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them, Blue Plate Special if you need great Catering, Google them, El San Diego Mexican Seafood, My wife for the support and letting me do this, Georgia Mora for watching the baby for me when I bring her here and I really appreciate it I couldn’t do this without her and that’s pretty much it thank you very much.

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