Knuxx Pre-Invicta 4 Interview With Jodie Esquibel

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Recently while at Jackson’s/Winkeljohns MMA gym I had the chance to talk with Boxer and MMA fighter Jodie Esquibel about her upcoming Invicta FC bout against Liz McCarthy.

Thank you for the time Jodie, how are you feeling?

Good, thank you for taking the time out. I feel good camp is good. I still got a couple week of camp left and I’m right on track.

How does it feel to be part of Invicta FC?

I’m so grateful, women’s MMA right now is taking off and I’m just extremely grateful to be part of such a great team and be a part of it. It’s amazing.

We’ve got Invicta FC 4 coming up on January 5, 2013, your opponent is Liz McCarthy do you have any thought on her you could share with us?

She’s a super tough opponent and I know she’s going to come with everything she has and she dose in every fight, so I’m training hard for that and I’ll be ready.

In the MMA realm of things you have 3 fights and Liz has about 7 fights, but with your kickboxing and boxing background how do you feel that combat experience weighs in this bout?

I feel good about it I’ve been fighting for a long time whether it be in the cage or in the ring. You know I have time overseas and yeah it’s a different world in the cage. MMA is a whole different beast in itself. I train with the best in the world so I think that helps me in preparation and I feel good about the combat difference. There are definitely some differences and she is extremely cage savvy, she’s great on the ground, aggressive on her feet, and I think it will be a great match-up.

We’ve seen you trying to stay active between the two realms, how does that go with the training keeping the mindset when you’re focusing on one or the other?

You know it’s a little different as far as MMA goes there’s a lot more classes to do. You go to wrestling class, you go to jiu jitsu, you go to MMA class and then you go to kickboxing. When your fight boxing you go to boxing class you know. So you time your day out a little bit differently when you’re fighting MMA. As far as the focus like you know you’re always going to be throwing punches when you’re in there anyway. So it’s a good base to have with boxing.

Two out of your last three fight overall have been in the cage in MMA, has it just worked out like that, was there a plan to focus more on MMA?

It just kind of happened that way. With where women’s MMA is right now I’m happy to sit and  stay  focusing on MMA, working on my ground game a little but more. I feel good with where the path is taking me and I’m excited.

Being a part of Invicta is it more comforting having a teammate on the card, having had teammates associated with the brand and the organization?

Yeah absolutely me and Emily will be fighting on the same night so being able to push each other in practice a little bit more is great. Having Julie there is another, you know she’ll be commentating but just having her around and involved in the organization is great. It’s an amazing organization and I’m very grateful to be a part of it.

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