Knuxx Pre-Invicta FC 4 Interview With Emily Kagan

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Knuxx recently made a visit to Jackson’s/Winkeljohn’s MMA gym and I had the chance to talk with Emily Kagan about her upcoming Invicta debut against Rose Namajuas on January 5, 2013.

Thank you for the time Emily how are you doing and how is camp going?

I’m doing great camp is awesome, you know I can never complain I got the best coaches and best teammates here around me and the most amazing support from family and friend so it’s going awesome.

We saw that you were very active at the start of your pro career, pro debut in September and then right away October 13th you were back in the cage again, so what was that experience like fighting so close together and how did that experience help your growth as a competitor?

Well it was definitely was a learning experience taking a fight on two week’s notice with very minimal training; you know it really taught me that I could do it. Even in some of the worst case scenarios I can brawl and bring it and put in a good fight. It was awesome to have the experience of going deep down into my soul and pulling out my reserves and knowing that I had it and that it worked to my favor.

Right there you had back to back months with fights and it now been three months have you been bored what have you been doing in the gym ?

I have not been bored; I stayed busy after my fight I took some mental recovery time by hitting the mountains up in Utah with my mountain bike and running up the mountains here. That’s my favorite way to spend my time when I’m not in fight camp. So as soon as I got that out of my system got home saw my family got their blessings and came home got right back to work and I love it, I love this.

You got Rose coming up on January 5th; want to share some thoughts on her and her game?

I’m aware that she’s a kickboxer, this is going to be her pro debut; again I’ll never underestimate  an opponent, so I’m going to go at it like I would every other opponent that she’s going to be tough  and I’m going to be prepared for anything kickboxer or more, I’m going to be prepared.

Rose is a kickboxer most likely liking to stay at distance, we’ve seen you like to get in close really use the cage work utilizing the elbows and the short game is that something you look for your style, a position you look to get into or does it just happen in the process of the fight going on?

I’d say I love to go to war and I like and think it’s most exciting to get in a close distance so yeah.

If the fight ends in your ideal way on January 5, 2012- how does it end?

With a win! I’ll take it anyway it comes. I’m going to bust my butt to give everyone the most exciting fight I can. If I get the win real quickly, than that’s even better.

To see the entire interview with even more question play the video below…

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