Knuxx Pre Johnny Tapia Pesents The Next Chapter 4 Interview With Charles Alderete

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Posted by Mika Frankl

After the press conference to announce Johnny Tapia Presents the Next Chapter 4, Mika Frankl was able to talk with Charles “The Beast” Alderete about his just announced rematch with Arturo “El Toro” Crespin.

MF: How does it feel knowing you’re getting back in the ring for the first time in a year?

CA: I’m feeling good man. Fighting Arturo is what I been wanting. I (have) been wanting this for a long time. Ever since I (have) been training with my dad I (have) been asking for rematches left and right, and he finally took it. He (Arturo) was going to face Camacho supposedly, and I guess the fight didn’t go through so he came down to the little guy I guess supposedly, me. I’m gonna give him a fight and I’m pretty sure I’ll take it.

MF: Do you think there’s a chance Arturo could be overlooking you considering he had the other fights and talks going on?

CA: He is overlooking me; I could tell you that right there he’s overlooking me a lot. Arturo told my dad he doesn’t want to fight someone he already beat. He did beat me in the first fight we fought. It was a really good fight and it was close.

MF: It’s been about 3 years, how would you say your game has changed?

CA: I’m more mature in my game. I feel I’m a lot better in every way. My sparring is coming up. My power is a lot more, I’m hitting like a monster now. I mean they don’t call me the beast for no reason.

MF: The first fight was and exciting back and forth war, what should the fan expect from part 2?

CA: It’s going to be the same. It may go all 6 rounds or it may not. But, well see he’s a good fighter I do have a lot of respect for the guy.

MF: This event marks the one-year passing of Johnny Tapia, there will be a lot of emotion’s May 31, and how will you deal with it?

CA: I’m going to deal with it good. Johnny was a good guy. He’s watching over us. He’s one of the fight fans now. Teresa Tapia and all of Team Tapia will be there for us.

MF: Any message to send out to Arturo?

CA: Just get ready for a good fight Bro.

MF: Any Message for the fans?

CA: Just get ready for some good fights.

Watch the entire interview by playing the video below.

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