Knuxx, Pre Johnny Tapia Presents The Next Chapter 2 Interview With Amanda “Boom Boom” Crespin

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Amanda Crespin

Posted by Mika Frankl

After the weigh-ins for Johnny Tapia Presents The Next Chapter 2, we had the chance to talk with Amanda “Boom Boom” Crespin as she prepares to face Brenda “Boom Boom” Gonzales in the battle of the Boom Boom’s.

MF: How does it feel to get back in the ring after your last fight fell through moments before it was going to happen?

AC: feels good, I’m ready to start my year off right and strong with getting a W.

MF: We just got done at the weigh-ins, how you feeling now that you’ve got to replenish and everything?

AC:  I feel good; making weight wasn’t that bad for me this time. I’m ready to go come Friday night; it’s going to be on.

There’s still more to this interview just play the video below…

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