Knuxx, Pre Johnny Tapia Presents The Next Chapter 2 Interview With Anthony “The Lion of Judah” Jones

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Posted by Mika Frankl

After the Johnny Tapia Presents the Next Chapter 2 weigh-ins we had the chance to talk with Anthony “The Lion of Judah” Jones about his upcoming pro debut against Siju Shabazz.

MF: Besides being the fight with the best hair what do you expect from the action tomorrows fight?

AJ:  Tomorrow night is going to be nothing but action, non-stop. This cat is supposed to have a household name for himself, and that’s exactly why I wanted to take this fight. I been chasing this dream for a long time and never really had the opportunity to actually realize and seize the opportunity and that’s what I’m taking right now. I heard no one wanted to fight this cat and I just want to fight people with names right now. I need to get myself out there, so that’s what I’m ready to do.

MF: You told me you had 5 amateur fights, so after 5 amateur fights you felt you were ready to turn pro was there a sign that you were ready to take that step?

AJ: I just have been waiting for the opportunity. I been wanting to turn pro for the last 3 or 4 years by now, but pretty much not having stability in my life and everything like that hasn’t given me the opportunity to do it. So as soon as opportunity knocked I jumped right on it.

There’s still more to this interview and to watch just play the video below…

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