Knuxx Pre Mayhem Interview With Mary McGee By Caged Minds

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Marry McGee & Holly Holm

Posted by Mika Frankl

After The Fresquez Productions press conference to announce Mayhem, which will be headlined by Marry McGee challenging Holly Holm for the IBA Light Welterweight title, Mika Frankl caught up with the challenger to get her opinion on the upcoming bout.

MF: How excited are you to have your second consecutive fight out here in New Mexico?

MM:  I’m am extremely excited to actually be fighting for the second time in a row, within a good period of time, on a card that is so professional with the best female fighter in the world. It don’t get no better than that. I got the biggest fight in the sport.

MF: How exciting is it getting fights so close together, after saying how you had problems getting fights in the past?

MM: It’s extremely exciting. It’s like a dream come true. It makes you realize all the more reason why not to quit doing something you love, because eventually something will come through; like this is beyond my imagination. I didn’t think I would get the opportunity to fight Holly this soon. To have the opportunity is just got me at awe.

Hear this and more by playing the video below…

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