Knuxx Pre South Mountain Showdown Interview With Jacob Hawks

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Rosales Kickboxing’s Jacob Hawks of Albuquerque, New Mexico squares off with Golden Cobra’s Saxon Vaughan of Cottonwood, Arizona for the IKF Jr. Atomweight Region Title on March 23 as part of the South Mountain Showdown. We headed to Rosales Karate & Kickboxing to see how Jacob is feeling with this opportunity in front of him.

MF: A big fight, title is on the line; how you feeling about this?

JH: Pretty much treating this like any other fight. Just going to give my best and whatever happens.

MF: No added emotion or excitement with a title on the line?

JH: Not really.

MF: Earlier you told me that you’ve had about 13 fights are you the calm, cool, collected kind of guy?

JH: Yeah sometimes I get nervous but, after a while I’m calm again after the first or second round.

MF: What do you think about traveling to Saxon’s home and you’re coming into his house challenging him?

JH: Not much it’s lower elevation and I’ve been working out pretty hard so it should be fun.

Watch the entire interview by playing the video below…

Posted by Mika Frankl on twitter @cagedmindsmma