Knuxx Pre South Mountain Showdown Interview With Sam Tofoya

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Rosales Kickboxing’s Sam Tofoya of Albuquerque, New Mexico takes on Golden Cobra’s Dakota Vaughan out of Cottonwood, Arizona for the IKF Jr. Super Welterweight Regional Title on March 23, 2013; as part of the South Mountain Showdown. We headed down to Rosales Kickboxing and asked how Sam is feeling about the chance of winning his first amateur title.

MF: How you feeling?

ST: Excited it’s my first title fight, just super pumped.

MF: Your first title fight can you explain the emotions the excitement?

ST:  I don’t know. I’ve trained really hard for this fight, probably the hardest I’ve trained for any fight. I can’t put into words how excited I am to be fighting for my first title.

MF: Getting back to the beginning; how long have you been training in kickboxing?

ST: This is going to be my second year coming up training kickboxing. I’ve done other martial arts.

MF: Speaking of that what other art forms have partaken in?

ST:  I’ve competed in Jiu Jitsu and did pretty well in that competing in some tournaments.

This and much more is covered in the video below…

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