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Posted by Mika Frankl

Triple A MMA “Win To Get In” takes place on April 28, 2013 at the Spanish Village inside the New Mexico State fair grounds. The main event will feature a Bantamweight showdown pitting Felipe “Flip” Chavez against Ronnie “The Great” White. During a photo shot at OTM Fight Shop I had the chance to see how Felipe Chavez is feeling about the upcoming match-up and his return to action after 3 years of dealing with injuries.

MF: One week away, how you feeling leading up to this main event fight?

FC: I’m feeling great. I was supposed to fight in February and I ended up getting injured. Before that I had a long layoff, 3 almost 4 years because of another injury. Now, I’m a week out and no injuries. I’m feeling good. I just (left) my sparring session before I came in here. I’m just super excited to get out there and get back in there throw some blows. I love to fight. I’ve always loved to fight since I was a kid. You know now I have an opportunity to fight right in the heart of New Mexico in the heart of Albuquerque, main event it’s awesome. I’m pumped.

MF: The neck it was an injury that kept you sidelined for quite some time, how is it now?

FC: The neck is completely healed. It’s been healed for about a year and half now. As soon as it was healed and was able to started wrestling or kickboxing again, or doing activities that are up tempo I was back in there training, dieting, and cutting weight. I was excited because it was something that was taken from me and I was trying to get it back and every time I would try to train by neck would just come back out. Now it’s fully healed, doesn’t bother me at all. My neck is probably stronger than it’s ever been, because I work it so much. I’m feeling good.

MF: It’s a negative to bring up but was there time with that process that you thought you weren’t going to get back to this sport you love?

FC: I thought I was done. I was going to chiropractors and they would put my neck back in , once I would go train about an hour after training it would come back out. It was a hard time I was trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life. I like excitement, I like action and I was like what am I going to do. I didn’t want to get in a fast car and go on a fast ride. I want to be right there in the middle of the tornado. It was really hard.

MF: Now it been a year and half you said, how was the process going from worried about the injury to confident?

FC: The first thing I had to do was, I had actually gained a lot of weight. I fought at 135 and I weighed about 225 almost 230. The first thing I had to do was get the weight off, get all my muscle memory back, and get my cardio back. I just put myself back on a great diet, I did meal replacement and also I was working for admiral beverage at the time and it was a highly demanding job so working hard. After that once I got most of the weight off I started doing a lot of kickboxing. Everyone knows that kickboxing is a great work out. You walk out of there any class, event now that I’m in super good shape; I did Hines class on Thursday. I walked out and I was super drenched in sweat. I just did everything I needed to do and everything that was in my power to get where I’m at now. Ready!

This is just the beginning; see the entire interview by playing the video below…

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