Knuxx Pre Triple A MMA Interview with Rich Torres by Caged Minds

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Posted by Mika Frankl

While at Judgment MMA & Fitness Mika Frankl had the chance to interview Heavyweight Rich Torres; who will be making his amateur debut against Tugga Pleasant at the April 28, 2013 Triple A MMA “Win To get In” event which takes place at the Spanish village inside the New Mexico State Fair grounds.

MF: How you feeling going into the amateur debut?

RT: Feeling good, been working on just making sure that there aren’t any holes in my game. Working with coach Scott (Marlowe), his wife has been my strength and conditioning coach; coach Robin Marlowe. I’ve just been feeling real good. I feel like my cardio is up to speed and just making sure I’m ready for Sunday.

MF: You’ve had some boxing and kickboxing experience at smokers and now the minutes and the rounds are going to go up, so what have you done to increase your training to get ready for this amateur debut?

RT: Running these big dirt hills over here behind the gym. That really helps out a lot with endurance and making sure that those extra minutes in the rounds don’t impact me.

MF: How nice does it feel to now be going into the MMA realm, you had the boxing and kickboxing but, now get use the grappling to put the whole thing everything together?

RT: I’m really excited. Like you said it’s going to be my first MMA experience. I have messed around in the gym with it a little bit. But, you know never went full throttle with it so I really excited about it, smaller gloves ,more damage things like that; so it will really be an exciting experience.

MF: A Heavyweight match-up where you’re coming in with a sizable weight advantage and how much are you planning on using it too muscle and pressure around your opponent?

RT: Hopefully I can use all of it. I understand it’s about a 40 or 50 lbs. weight advantage that I’ll have against him. So hopefully I’m able to pressure him and just hold him down and do damage.

Much more to this interview and you can watch it by playing the video below…

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