Knuxx Pre Triple A MMA Interview With Steven Cervantes By Caged Minds

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Posted by Mika Frankl

I recently had the chance while at Lovato’s Total Fitness to talk with Steven Cervantes as he readies to make his amateur debut against Steven Gonzales of Santa Fe BJJ.

MF: How you feeling coming into your MMA amateur debut?

SC: Super excited, super ready. I’ve been training harder than anybody else could imagine, every single day. I (have) been practicing every day for 18 days straight with no break. I’m ready

MF: 18 days straight with no break, how is the body feeling any wear and tear?

SC: You know, I think you get a lot of injuries leading up to your fight. You know, your body is sore and hurting but nothing is going to stop me.

MF: Coming into MMA with a wrestling background, is that what people should expect from you utilizing your wrestling?

SC: I’m definitely going to utilizing my wrestling. You should expect someone who is very conditioned and looking to press the pace 100% of the time.

MF: How did you decide from that wrestling background that you are going to go into MMA?

SC: I thought that schooling didn’t sound like a great choice; a lot of things didn’t sound like a great choice. I’ve always been a great athlete and I like to bang. I have a high pain tolerance. I feel I have everything that fits into MMA. It’s really fun, a great sport.

MF: With the wrestling background, how long we’re you involved in that sport for?

SC: About four years I was doing wrestling for, great sport.

Hear the entire interview by playing the video below…

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