Knuxx Pre UFC 159 Interview With Erik Perez By Caged Minds

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Recently while at Jackson’s/Winkeljonh’s gym I had a chance to talk with, UFC’s rising star, Erik “El Goyito” Perez about his upcoming UFC 159 bout with Johnny Bedford.

MF: UFC 159, taking on Johnny Bedford, going to New Jersey, how exciting is that?

EP: A lot excited, this is my fight number 4 and I’m training real hard to fight Johnny Bedford. He is a good fighter. He’s good standing and on the ground. So I’m ready for anything.

MF: You have some training partners here in the gym, like Frank Gomez, who have fought Johnny before; how much help has that been?

EP: A lot of help. Frank knows a lot about Johnny Bedford, he’s told me a lot about Bedford. I’ve been practicing a lot of techniques for this guy.

MF: Three fights in the UFC and 3-0 all first round finishes; a lot of hype and momentum around you, how does it feel?

EP: It’s a lot of emotions you know. Now I want to say thank God for this moment, thank my teammates, my friends, and my father-in-law for supporting me to be in this moment.

MF: A big time for you in UFC and being a rising star, is this a dream come true?

EP: This is a dream come true yeah (big smiles). Yes the dream come true and living a good life.

MF: Why did you start in MMA?

EP: Because I have a lot of emotions in me. When I was younger I had a lot of emotions in me and I has a lot of energy and that’s why I started MMA when I was 16 years old. It’s going good.

MF: You’re from Monterrey, Mexico, correct?

EP: Yes

MF: How was that leaving the family and coming to Albuquerque?

EP: Hard. Hard because four years ago I came to this country and (not being able to) speak English, no family, everyone in Mexico. It was hard.

MF: A lot of people been saying 1 more win and we might be seeing you headlining a UFC in Mexico, what would that mean to you?

EP: UFC in Mexico, I want it this year. Hopefully UFC is coming to Mexico. I have a lot of friends who want to see me. And, again it would be a dream come true.

MF: Do you have a last message to send to Johnny Bedford?

EP: No, just let’s make a fight and let’s make a bonus.

MF: Thank you for the time Erik and is there anyone you would like to thank?

EP: I want to thank coach Mike Valle, Vallie Flow Striking, my almost my father, my coach, coach Greg Jackson, Coach Izzy, Izzy style wrestling, and thanks all my teammates for helping me in training. And thanks for making this camp good.

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