Knuxx Pre WareHouse Rumble 3 Interview With Amanda Boom Boom Crespin

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Nohime Dennisson & Amanda Crespin

Posted by Mika Frankl

Amanda Crespin has been on a roll lately and we caught up with her after the Chavez Promotions Warehouse Rumble 3 press conference to ask her about the momentum and her upcoming bout with Nohime Dennisson.

MF: How you doing and how has training been going?

AC: I’m doing good and training has been absolutely great, just like any other fight. We’ve been training hard and we’re ready to go.

MF: Taking on an opponent for the third time, 0-2 against her is there a burning desire to get a win?

AC: Yes, that’s why we’re fighting her again. We got to get that W. It’s going to be a good fight. Nohime is a tough fighter. I never underestimate any of my opponents and come next Friday it will be a good fight.

MF: This event is being dedicated in the memory of your Grandfather, can you take a moment to talk about what that means to you?

AC: It means a lot. My Grandpa was my best friend, and he still is. He was my number one supporter and he supported everything I did. He was always there at every fight since I was a little girl. So, it means a lot knowing this fight is dedicated to him. I know he’s here with me, here now in spirit and in heart. He’ll take care of me in and out of the ring. He’s probably more than happy that this fight is dedicated in his name.

Play the video below to see the entire interview…

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