Knuxx Pre WareHouse Rumble 3 Interview With Jason Sanchez

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Saunitu Hogue vs.Jason Sanchez Stairdown

Posted by Mika Frankl

After the Warehouse Rumble 3 weigh-ins we had the opportunity to get a few comments from Jason Sanchez regarding tomorrow’s bout with Saunitu Hogue.

MF: How you feeling now that the weigh-ins are over?

JS: Feeling great, feeling strong, and just ready to fight tomorrow.

MF: Heard you and your brother had been out of town training with Austin Trout. What was that experience like and how nice of a change up during camp was it?

JS: It was a little different type of training but, we were really prepared when we went over there and just picked up a couple new things. It was great.

MF: Is it something special for you being on the same card as your brother?

JS: Yeah it feels good. My other fight I fought it was just me and then this time with my brother it’s better.

To watch the entire interview play the video below…

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