Knuxx Pre WareHouse Rumble 3 Interview With Matthew The Champ Baca

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Matthew Baca & Yordan Hernandez


Posted by Mika Frankl

After the Chavez Promotions press conference for the Warehouse Rumble 3 I caught up with Matthew “The Champ” Baca get a few more thoughts on his upcoming match-up with Yordan Hernandez.

MF: You and Yordan having formerly sparred together and having that history does it make it harder to face each other?

MB: It’s all business. You got to get in there and take care of business first. I’m not worried about anything else.

MF: With the prospect of having 2 fights in the next three months does that change your game-plan for this first upcoming bout.

MB: Not at all I got to win. That’s what you got to do is win. I’m just focused on the 29th and whatever after that.

Play the video below to this interview as a whole…

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