Knuxx Pre WFF 10 Interview With Gene “The Kid” Perez By Caged Minds

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Posted by Mika Frankl

If you live in Belen, New Mexico, then you know about Perez Fighting Systems. A young family owned gym that is building itself from the ground up. Owner, coach, father, and fighter all these labels belong to Gene “The Kid” Perez. Who on April 19, 2013, at the Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino in Chandler, Arizona will challenge Matt Betzold for the WFF Flyweight title.

MF: Thank you Gene for taking some time to talk with us about your upcoming fight, how you feeling?

GP: Pretty good just getting ready for the fight next week against Matt, you know he’s pretty hard fight to get ready for. He’s an amputee on one of his legs. He’s been to the Olympics so I know his wrestling is pretty good, so I just got to be ready for that.

MF: A solid wrestler and solid Jiu Jitsu having the stellar ground game and he’s has unorthodox style being that he starts off on his knees as a ground opponent allowing no kicks to the head. So for such and unorthodox opponent, how unorthodox has your preparation been?

GP: A little bit more different than usual. I can’t plant my foot out like I want to in my striking, so I just got to stay moving which is the game-plan against this guy and hopefully it comes out good.

MF: I’m sure you saw the video from Matt’s last fight, what did you take from it?

GP: I just saw that he’s really aggressive, comes at you fast. He likes to put pressure on you so that he can take you down. He doesn’t like to stand cause his stand up isn’t too good. So I’m just going to try and use a lot of movement on him, make him chase me and get tired.

Still much more to this interview and you can hear it by playing the video below…

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