Knuxx Talks With Tim Sosa About Turning Pro

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Posted by Mika Frankl

King of the Cage will be putting on their next event in New Mexico at the Sun Shine Theater; originally scheduled for May 11th the date has been pushed back to June 22nd. What hasn’t changed is that on that card Fit NHB’s Tim Sosa a KOTC amateur Jr. Flyweight champion will be making his pro debut against Curtis Johnson who holds a split decision win over Sosa. While at Fit NHB we talked with Tim Sosa about the upcoming debut.

MF: How excited are you to the transition from the amateurs to being a pro?

TS: I couldn’t be happy or more excited. The Sun Shine Theater is actually where I had my first amateur fight. So, for me to make my pro debut against someone I can avenge a loss to, who is a exciting fight at the place I made my amateur debut; I couldn’t be happier of more excited about it.

MF: When it was Curtis Johnson that was offered to you did it even take a second thought, did you know that was a fight you wanted to have again?

TS: Yeah, I want to avenge all my losses. I have three losses in my amateur career Curtis Johnson, Abe Alvarado, and Andrew Yates. I want to get all those back at some point in my career. Curtis Johnson is excited, he comes to bring it. No hesitation on my part what so ever.

MF: Previously I had spoken to Cody East about this event it was supposed to be May 11th but we heard you have and update for us?

TS: King of the Cage will be coming to the Sun Shine Theater on June 22nd in Albuquerque, New Mexico. So come out and watch it, you won’t be disappointed.

MF: I know last time you fought it was here in New Mexico, but how much more special is it to fight in Albuquerque?

TS: It’s great, all my friends and family this is a venue that they can all make it too. And I expect them too. The venue is like 5 minutes from where I live, minutes from the gym. I can make sure that I can rehydrate and refuel properly. And then yeah it’s a special place because of having my amateur debut there and now I’ll have my first pro fight there. I love it.

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