Las Vegas – The Magical Fight Capitol

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Posted by Lance Foreman

Las Vegas, the Fight Capitol of the world! I remember being 19 years old and training at Johnny Toccos, getting my bell rung every time I stepped thru the door.  I had the dream of being a pro boxer and fighting for a championship.  I remember going to Ceasars Palace to the open work outs of Larry Holmes as he was getting ready to fight Gerry Cooney.  I remember the PKA kickboxers coming to Las Vegas struggling to be as popular as the boxers.  Las Vegas is a magical place if you want to be a fighter, it is here you can see your dream become a reality with the blessed few that have achieved fighting in Las Vegas, now we see the UFC and MMA being the promotion and sport for up and coming fighters with the dream, like Dave Mazany.  He left Alaska and everything he knew to come train with the Wand Fight Team in Las Vegas, DogBoxer took Dave to Perth, Australia to fight 2 weights above his class to win the K-OZ MW championship. I was never able to reach my dream but 20 years years after I laced up the gloves in Las Vegas I am back as DogBoxer taking the likes of Dave Mazany and David Hulett to far away places to win championships. My 2 sons Briggs and Roy Foreman are local fighters with mma wins under their belts

Las Vegas is the place where these things not only can happen but often do, if it wasn’t for me being here years ago and failing I don’t think I would be here now helping strong willed young talent reach the heights of mma royalty let alone my own sons, there really is something magical about Las Vegas if you are a fighter, trainer, ref, etc. It’s the top of the totum pole, a place where your dream can come true, Las Vegas has a way of filtering out the not meant to be. It can be a place of shattered dreams as well, Las Vegas does not suffer fools and can be a very unforgiving land, only the committed need apply. However there is magic in that as it will not take long to test your mettle and get you back where you belong if mma is not your game because we are in the hurt business and Las Vegas is home to the very best.

I meet lots of young men who have gave up everything to come here to train and fight and I know how they feel as I was there at one point myself. It may be tough but the guys who hang in there, stay out of the party scene, humble themselves, and learn-whether they ever make it in the championship circle or not- will be better off than if they never tried. I know I am and all the years I was not in Las Vegas I never forgot the magic that is here and the possibilities of the Magical Fight Capitol. I have been back only a year and have already seen DogBoxer help 2 fighters win title belts while helping other young men on the journey to their dreams. The magic is still here and if the last year is any indication we have a lot more magic to accomplish. With mma growing worldwide, the growth of UFC, and the talent I see here everyday. Las Vegas will keep producing world champions and contenders alike and for that, Las Vegas will always be the Magical Fight Capitol.

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