MMA Fighter Profile – William H Fauth

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Posted by Mika Frankl

The Knuxx family is happy to inform everyone of a bright up and coming talent in MMA. The man that I’m speaking of is William H. Fauth.

Birth Date: May 15, 1982

Age: 30

Birth Place: Baltimore, Maryland

Age started training in combat sports: 8years old

Height: 5′ 10″

Weight class: Featherweight / Lightweight

First type of combat sport trained in: Wrestling and Boxing

Gyms association: Kongo-do Fight team in Colorado Spring, Edeg MMA in Denver, Rough House in Pubelo Colorado


William H. Fauth was born is Baltimore Maryland on May 15, 1982. William first got into combat sports when at the age of eight he took up both boxing and wrestling. At that time William also started getting into trouble for boxing outside the ring. In trouble at the age of fourteen, William and his family moved to New York. During that time, William’s family would go through a life altering tragedy with William’s stepfather passing away. At a time when William knew he was now the man of the house he realized it was time to get serious about his training. A month after the passing of his stepfather, William and his family moved to Florida. After the family made the move, William would attend Springstead high school. William would then join the wrestling team. His head wrestling coach, Bob Levija, was a positive disciplinary force for William and the entire team keeping them in line. While in Florida William would also find great athletes to work with and a friend/mentor in the form of Former UFC and XFC fighter Corey Hill. “Cory is my best friend and the guy I call for advice and guidance and is one of the best wrestlers I’ve ever had the privilege to know,” says William of his close friend. John Stevenson has also been with William his entire career. William has spent the last four years traveling back and forth between Colorado and Florida for training. William trains six days a week  including teaching boxing and grappling classes. The time William spends in Colorado is split between the Kongo-do Fight Team out of Colorado Springs, Edge MMA in Denver, and Rough House in Pueblo, Colorado.

I had the opportunity to interview this bright young man, here is what he had to say…

Why did you get into MMA?

“I got into MMA because of the love of the sport.”

What does the opportunity to be a MMA fighter to him mean to you?

“I’m very blessed to have the family friends, teammates, and sponsors that help me do what I love.”

What do you believe will make you successful? ”

“I have trained all over our states & seen all types of fighters. But not many are destined to be  great fighters. I believe to be a great fighter is a gift from God and God has blessed me with skills that will lead me to greatness.”

What would you say to any one who takes a fight with you?

“Practice perfectly, drill hard,run faster and lift beyond your limits whatever you like. You won’t have what it takes to get in the way of what is meant to be, I want it way more.”

What would you say to a fighter just getting into MMA?

“Best advice I can give to anyone wanting to fight MMA, pick a different weight class then mine if you want to go anywhere in this sport I’m out for keeps.”

William is currently looking for his next fight and open to hearing proposals. If you are interested in booking him for your event, contact David Miera at [email protected]