My Principles – By Daniel Rocha

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For those who are wondering just what are my principles behind my coaching..


Here is what I focus on…

1. Food is your foundation… But how much and what kinds of foods.
A. So many of my consultations begin with the fact that so many people are afraid to eat certain foods yet over eat just about everything else.  A big example is the use of low carb dieting!  I have seen so many women using the low carb principles and avoid bread, rice, potatoes yet I see then eating a chicken salad with avocado, feta cheese, low fat dressing and oh yea a diet coke.
B.  The next thing I also notice is that people try to put themselves on low calorie diets yet snack all day on what society has labeled as “healthy snacks”  trail mix, mixed nuts, dried fruit, peanut or almond butter.  What they don’t realize is that these foods are very dense. Although a small snack they pack huge calories and can hinder ones diet.

2.  Overkill … how much exercise is enough.
A.  Now I’ve been doing this long enough to know that most women in the gym are not there to improve their bodies but there to just have their time to themselves.  The fact that it could improve their look is the bonus.  But so many women take on so many titles … mother, wife, business woman, cook, maid, etc… the list continues, that their hour or two at the gym is just for them.
B.  There is a difference between being fit and being in shape.  I think many of us have seen the same person on the same treadmill at the same time almost everyday and yet keeps gaining weight each year.  Yet they go to the doctor and everything checks out ok, blood pressure normal, cholesterol good, heart is well, etc.  well they are fit but I think its safe to say not in shape.  To throw myself under the bus, I am not fit.  I couldn’t run a mile for my life much less do the precor past 20min.  But take a pic of my abs and I am in shape.

3.  What’s the dream?
A.  So many of us have so many wishes and yet do nothing.  We all think of what could be and yet fall short.  Want so much more but give up because things become difficult.  What I ask of people is … can you take instruction and follow.  For many this is hard as independent thought takes over and people just do what they always have.  Taking instruction is hard and does take patience.
B.   Will you be ready to have your dream in your hand?  Can you take it to another level and now dream new dreams?  Not many of us have ever achieved goals that being successful is new and thus different.  Most are so afraid of success that we will sabotage our own success.  Others will be successful and not realize that they can still be better.  So they  fall again as they took this success for granted and sometimes as just luck.

So I ask my clients… “ What’s the dream?”  … then after …. “ Can you follow instructions?”  As I will provide you with every tool to build your own dream.  The final thing… “Will you be ready for your own success?”    I simply coach… I am an architect… but its up to you…my clients to be the builder and perform.  Each of you can achieve what your mind has set out.

Till next time….