Knuxx, Pre Johnny Tapia Presents The Next Chapter 2 Interview With Brenda “Boom Boom” Gonzales

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Posted by Mika Frankl

After the weigh-ins for Johnny Tapia Presents The Next Chapter 2,we had the chance to talk with Brend “Boom Boom” Gonzales as she prepare for the battle of the Boom Boom’s as she faces Amanda “Boom Boom” Crespin.

MF: How you feeling, how was the weight cut, the training camp and all that good stuff?

BG: I’m feeling good now. I got re-hydrated got some food in me, the weight cut is always challenging but we got it done. Camps good you know, I had a few bumps in the road but we’re on track and ready to fight tomorrow night.

MF: So what’s it like transitioning from MMA working on many different skills to now just focusing on boxing for a time period?

BG: We train it all at Fit so it’s not too big of a transition you know; no elbows which is my favorite weapon, but I love hands so not too big of a transition.

There’s more to this interview and to view it play the video below…

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