Knuxx, Pre Johnny Tapia Presents The Next Chapter 2 Interview With Josh “Pitbull”Torres

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Josh Torres 3

Posted by Mika Frankl

After the Johnny Tapia Presents the Next Chapter 2 weigh-ins we had the chance to talk with main event fighter Josh “Pitbull” Torres who will be colliding with vet Bernardo Guereca.

MF: “Pitbull” tomorrow night Bernardo Guereca, who you feeling and how was camp?

JT: Training has been great and we’re feeling amazing right now. We’ve been at weight all week. We haven’t struggled, we haven’t skipped a meal all week, no plastic so we’re prepared physically, mentally and we’re excited to challenge ourselves against the experience of Guereca. We know he’s a tough fighter so we’re ready for everything he’s bringing to the table.

MF: Not having to cut weight, did you change up your diet to get down in weight and get into that good of shape so far out from the fight?

JT: Not really, not too many changes just we got right back in the gym after the last fight so it been a nonstop training camp and we feel go we feel strong and we feel motivated.

There’s still more to this interview, just play the video below…

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