Q&A Session with Daniel Rocha – KNUXX 2-3

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Q: Hi. Can you stack hemo surge and crea7ine before a workout and then crea7ine right after, then protein shake 30 mins later… Then repair pm at night? Would that be ok to stack? I’m currently stacking black powder, war, and hsp active… But seems those products are becoming hard to find and maybe fazed out for new products?

A: The overall goal with training is simply to improve. The supplements you want to use should be geared towards that goal. The BP, WAR and HSP are great for new tissue growth… now let’s harden it all up and make it solid.

HSP is a very sensitive product, but effective.  The only other way to increase HSP internally would be to train under extreme heat conditions – guess Kai Greene training in his red hoodie, Branch Warren and Ronnie Coleman training at MetroFlex Gym at 100+ degree condition, and Luis Santa using the sauna everyday – directly know something we didn’t.

But you have a powerful supplement … the best way to use it as the instructions can be difficult would be to set an alarm for midnight … take the recommended dose for your weight and have a half serving of crea7ine.  You will not only increase HSP but also add muscle fullness.  You’ll wake up nice and full.

So now let’s keep that fullness all day.  Begin your morning with 3 caps NO2 Red upon waking.  Once you’re ready to train have a serving of just hemo surge.  The amount of NO in your system will be crazy so you will notice extreme vascularity and huge pumps. Arnolddid say… “the pump, its fantastic!!”

Your body after training has been torn up.  This is where it needs BCAA and glutamine… guess what, the new Crea7ine has them in it, plus you get other nutrients like carnitine and beta alanine for extra endurance and fat burning effect.  But it’s the 7 blends of creatine which you will love.  You will remain thick and full all day.  Don’t you hate it when you leave the gym, you look great and get home and you’re flat and look dumb.  Dude, been there done that.  Believe me it’s not the mirrors.  LOL.

The other positive thing is that crea7ine has no sugar so you can use it and it won’t affect your fat burning mode if you do cardio post training.  In the off season, anabolic switch is great because it has 27g of carbs, much needed to create that insulin explosion for anabolic effect.  But high insulin levels hinder fat loss.  So the new crea7ine is ideal for dieting or cutting up.

So there you have it my friend…. Hopefully all of that helps.

Daniel Rocha

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