Quick Fix Myths

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OMGoodness!  I would probably make more money from the number of emails, texts, and calls from clients, friends, and family answering the quick fix myths than I do actually training.  Everyone’s looking for the easy answer, the simplest answer, the “one” thing that they can do or add to their life and “voila” they look like Ava Cowan or Dwain Johnson.     Well, let’s look at a couple popular diets… now, don’t misinterpret that these diets are bad, wrong, or unhealthy, I am merely pointing out the level of extremity to them and the issues that I want you to think about.  Each one was designed by physicians for a reason… NOT for everyday pleasure.     Atkins:  This diet took off again in the early 2000 giving craze to the new low carb fad.  Like carbs are bad for you.  They are your main source of energy.  The body was designed to run on carbs, why would you deplete it of them.  Think of this analogy … Carbs are Super Unleaded and fats are Unleaded.  Fill your car with ½ tank of unleaded and ½ tank of super… now as you start your vehicle in the morning ask your car to just burn the unleaded today… Does that sound retarded.  Of course it does.  So why do you ask your body to do that.??? Not to mention if you did the Atkins plan at 100% it’s a 900 calorie plan…  Hmmm low calories???   HCG:  Oh wow … another diet catching on again that states that the prescription drug hCG  (human chorionic gonadotropin) is the new magic pill.  hCG is a fertility drug plain and simple.  Dr Simeons originated the plan in his manuscript “Pounds & Inches: A New Approach to Obesity” But then again let me once again point out that the plan is a 500kcal meal plan.  Even lower calories??? Hmmmm   Now before the hate mail begins … let me simply say that each plan was designed for OBESITY… not “booty short” season.  They should be supervised by a physician, not the top muscle hunk at the gym watching you on the treadmill as you bounce with grace and manner.  Also, each plan still emphasizes low calories…extremely low calories.  Ask any trainer at your local gym and they will say…”calories in calories out …you take in less you burn more…you lose weight”.  Oh my God, now I really opened up a can of worms – but hey I have each one of you thinking now huh!?    So now here IS my answer for your  “quick fix.”  First don’t eat carbs and fat together.  Fats from natural sources like steak, chicken, and fish are ok.  But added fats like oils, butter, nuts, and margarines to carb sources are not necessary.  So the potato at dinner is ok but don’t add sour cream, butter etc… Bread in the morning is wonderful, just don’t add butter or peanut butter to it.  Remember the fat/carb combination I gave earlier.    Second do some cardio first thing in the morning.  Walk, jog, do an exercise video but add something to your life that will make a difference. This is the best time to burn fat and lose some weight. Third add more laughter to your life.  Stop watching so much news, and worrying about heavy burdens.  Stress is the main cause for many illnesses and health concerns.  More smiles in your life will go a long way, and yes, produce leaner physique.     Till next time… all my best!

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