RevGear Wrap Wrench Review

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Testing the Wrap Wrench

If you’re into punching a heavy bag, working out in a kickboxing class, an aspiring MMA fighter or a Boxer, then the chances are pretty high that you’ll go through a lot of handwraps. If you have hand wraps then you’ll soon find yourself looking for a quicker way to roll them up. This is why we were on the hunt for for something like this when we came across the Wrap Wrench.

Our Findings & Rating

The MMA/combat sports world is saturated with gear, apparel and all kinds of other products.  Unfortunately, much of it is the same and preference usually has more to do with brand recognition or sponsorship loyalty than anything else.  That is why I don’t do many “product reviews”.  So, the fact that I am writing this at all should be a testimony of how impressed I am with this product.

The Wrap Wrench is a new innovative product that increases the quality and speed needed, to professionally roll up sport and medical wraps with little to no effort. After years of playing sports, weight lifting and Mixed Martial Arts, (MMA) designer and inventor Brett Siciliano was frustrated with having to roll up his sports wraps after his workouts.

After each workout Brett thought, “There has to be a better, faster and a more energy efficient way to roll these long wraps between workout sets and after intense training in the ring. Brett noticed that there were no wrap rollers on the market that were portable, rechargeable and compact to carry in your workout bag. After months of design, Brett took his prototype, Wrap Wrench to the top ranked gyms and training facilities.

He let Pro fighters and trainers try out his new product and they all loved it and wanted one. The Wrap Wrench was born.  The patent pending Wrap Wrench has been designed from the highest quality material, made specifically for the high demands of the professional athlete.

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Not only does the Wrap Wrench dramatically increase the speed it takes to roll up your wraps, but it also rolls them up tightly and accurately. Once your wraps are rolled they are immediately ready to use again. The Wrap Wrench can roll, (approximately 250 wraps per 5 hour charge)

Brett was nice enough to send me a Wrap Wrench to try out for this review.  I took it out to some of the big named MMA gyms here in Vegas and people were very impressed.  Everyone I showed it to, guys fighting for the UFC to random kids from my son’s BJJ class, used it with ease and immediately wanted one of their own!  The Wrap Wrench is legit.  It has been reviewed in Ultimate MMA Magazine, TapouT Magazine, MMA Worldwide Magazine, Black Belt Magazine, MMA Business Magazine and many more. 

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On a personal note, I used the Wrap Wench nonstop for the several few weeks.  I suffer from lymphedema in my right leg and have to wrap it with ace bandages several times almost every day or else infection will stop me in my tracks.  The process requires 3-5 large, very long bandages depending on the swelling and it is very time consuming to have to roll up each bandage in order to re-wrap my leg.  Wrap Wrench has been a life saver!  I gave Wrap Wrench my full endorsement, two thumbs up, five stars, etc…

Then my first one broke. Then the replacement broke. Now you can’t find it anywhere.  Wrap Wrench is NOT available anywhere currently.  But you can try and get one directly from Amazon

Rating: We’ve given the Wrap Wrench a 1 star rating. This is another one of those products that was a great IDEA but the reality leaves you sad. Many reviewers loved the product… then it broke. We experienced the same thing which might be why Revgear quit carrying the Wrap Wrench. We recommend this one from Meister.

Who should get this?

Here’s the bottom line on the Wrap Wrench: We haven’t been able to find a Revgear Wrap Wrench for several months. Even if you can find one we don’t really recommend them any longer. They say they will last 300 wraps on one set of batteries – the only problem with that is that the machine itself never lasted that long!

Who should avoid it?


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PROS: Works great in theory, fast, effortless rolling
CONS: Breaks consistently, hard to find, not supported
This is an individual product review for the Wrap Wrench, if you want to read about the best Glove Accessories, then you need to check out our Best Glove Accessories Review.

About RevGear:

RevGear is known for producing high-quality durable boxing, MMA and combat sports gear and equipment. Founded in 1996 by Paul Reavlin, Revgear continues to innovate as a leader in the martial arts equipment world. Revgear is proudly headquartered in Van Nuys, California. Find more information about RevGear here

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