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So, you like what you’ve seen so far and you think that your area needs to represented in the KNUXX Community.  Maybe you just see the potential that joining with KNUXX might have with your current business or promotion.  Or, better yet, you see the rewards that can come from running your own business in a field that you already love and is part of the fastest growing sport in the world.  Maybe you just want to run a business from home, on the side, make a little extra money and you like to get into events for free.  Either way you’re here and you want to get some info.

KNUXX is based on the concept of an area called a Local Community.  This area might be a state, a region, a city or even just a few zip codes – it depends on how large the potential market is.  The Community is managed by an “Area Director” who is assigned an exclusive geographic area where they can publish all the local news and information they can find.  The way to make to Community grow is by engaging and being active with the fans – giving them a reason to visit the site and interact on social media, on the web, on the local forum and with your advertisers.  There are several avenues to make money: online ads, advertorials & sponsored articles, print advertising, sponsorships, and strategic partnerships (events, expos, etc.).  KNUXX has a proven roadmap for success that is taught by the KNUXX Coaches & Trainers.

How to get started:

  1.  Contact Us – fill out the form below to let us know that you’re interested in working together (we can’t read minds after all).
  2. We will send you an email to let you know that we got your request for information.
  3. KNUXX will schedule a pre-screening phone call or Skype chat so we can answer all of your initial questions, tell you how we work and let you know how to proceed.  There are some start up costs involved depending on how “deep down the rabbit hole you want to go.”
  4. We will email you a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) so we’re both protected which you will sign and email or mail back to us.
  5. Once the NDA is signed and returned we will schedule a call/meeting when we can fully discuss how to proceed and how we can help each other.
  6. Depending on the arrangement we want to get into there might be a licensing contract or an operating agreement to sign at this point.
  7. We get together for some training and work out the details of your new area.
  8. You get started and we build your traffic.

NOTE: This is just a rough guide on how the process works and is for informational purposes only.  Communication between you and KNUXX does not ensure that an agreement will be reached nor does it secure the rights to start a Community.

See what other areas are doing here:  KNUXX LOCAL

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