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KNUXX SA: Who is Kru LLoyd? Tell us about yourself and what started you on your Muay Thai journey?

KRU LLOYD: I am a driven man, driven to be better than the man I was yesterday. I was always the Mad Clown amongst my friends and always willing to do anything to make people laugh. My child hood was riddled in fights and complications with the “Hardcore” guys. Schools didn’t want me so as you can imaging expulsion for me was a way of life. I hanged around some weird and whacked people and ended up like most that have friends like this… depressed and on drugs… After staying in rehab and I cleaned myself up I started to Train with Kru Charl Havemann and fast became SA Champion. After returning from the IFMA World Muay Thai Championships I decided to open up a Win-Yaan Muay Thai Gym (Thai Combat Gym) where I could help people like myself to gain a better knowledge of themselves on or off drugs. We focused on bringing people with a “No Bully or Meat Head” attitude to life and we 7 years later stand by this. With the help of Kru Yvette Ingles we today have one of the better Muay Thai Gym’s in and around Jozi.

KNUXX SA: What level of accomplishments have you achieved personally in your sport?

KRU LLOYD: I have had the privilege and Honour of training and learning under some of the World Greatest Grand Masters and Masters of Muay Thaiand my
accomplishments I have achieved are as follows:

2007 IFMA Provincial Muay Thai Champion
2007 IFMA South African Champion
2007 IFMA World Championships
2009 Khan 10 Instructor Certified
2009 National Judge Certified
2009 National Referee Certified
2009 South African Assistant Coach (SA Team could not raise funds for Champs)
2010 South African Assistant Coach
2010 International Accredited Khan 11 Instructor Certified
2010 International C-Class Referee & Judge Certified
2010 Referee & Judge WMF World Championships
2011 South African Pro-Am Coach (Resigned post due to politics)
2011 Sak Manoch Muay Thai Selected Head South African Representative
2012 Sak Manoch Muay Thai Instructor Certified
2013 MMA SA Referee & Judge C-Class Certified

I am currently the Head Representative in South Africa to Sak Manoch International and also Head Technical Advisor.

Styles Trained: Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, Karate,
Fights: 22 Wins 11 Losses

KNUXX SA: How did Thai Combat Gym start and what do you offer?

KRU LLOYD: We started Win-Yaan Muay Thai/Thai Combat Gym after I returned from the IFMA World Championship under the guidance and Instruction of Sifu Quintin Chong. When I returned to South Africa, the Gym I was training under changed from a Muay Thai Gym to a Kickboxing Gym. I had a tough decision to make, go back to Kickboxing or take the knowledge I had and open up a Muay Thai Gym in my area. I am glad both Kru Yvette Ingles and myself made the transition into Muay Thai and we both are proud to be passing our knowledge on to the General Public.

Thai Combat Gym offers Authentic Muay Thai, Boxing, Weight training, Personal Training, Cardio & Weight loss, Fitness & Conditioning, a healthy
environment, State of the Art facilities and an absolutely no thug no meat head environment.

KNUXX SA: What does it take to be a Thai fighter?

KRU LLOYD: Dedication to the Art. Believing in your Instructors. Hard rigorous training, fitness & conditioning, Passion to your own life and the people you train with. Love & harmony to allow you to train the hours we do.

KNUXX SA: What is your view on the current SA fight scene as it is today?

KRU LLOYD: The SA Fight scene at the moment is booming. I’ve been in the industry as a Teacher for Years and fighting has never looked so good. Both Trainers and Fighters are taking training to the next level with levels of cross training, weight cutting and supplements like never before. I believe in a few Years South Africa will have some of the top ranked fighters in the World.

KNUXX SA: What fighters have you trained that have made names for themselves in the sport?

KRU LLOYD: Hehehe a sneaky question Jayson but a great one BB “The Gun” Nienaber (SA Muay Thai Champion), Matt Buirski (SA Muay Thai Champion & EFC Fighter), David Buirski(World Champs Bronze, 2x SA Muay Thai Champion, EFC Fighter), Jason Laing (SA Pro-Am Muay Thai Champion), Wesley Wilmans(SA Pro-Am Champion), Johannes de Bruijn (World Pro-am Ranked 2, SA Pro-am Champion, SA Champion) David Mazinyane (Pro Boxer, SA MMA Champion, SA Muay Thai Champion), Ruben Groenewald (3X World Boxing Champion), Hendrik de Bruijn (SA Muay Thai Champion), Andre Botha (SA Muay Thai Champion), Adriaan Botha (SA Muay Thai Champion)

KNUXX SA: How important is Thai Combat coaching to an MMA athlete and why?

KRU LLOYD: Thai Combat training is a vital element of MMA as all fights start standing up. Thai Combat techniques focuses on power and pin point accuracy, delivering your opponent maximum damage. Our clinch work is unique to most other Muay Thai Styles. As an athlete in either Muay Thai or MMA,
devastating punches, kicks, elbows & knees may be the only way to put your opponent down fast.

KNUXX SA: Where are you based and how do people get in contact with you if they want to join?

Comet Building 1st Floor, Corner Yster & Jan Smuts streets Bardene Boksburg
Contact person:
Kru Lloyd Kemertgoglou – 083 646 6477
[email protected]
Facebook – Thai Combat Gym
Twitter – @Krulloyd
BBM: 21A98416